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Support Your Local Citizens-Tell a Firefighter About CrossFit

Parental advisory- several f-bombs after the workout

That’s a man who earns his right to be a hero as a firefighter! He’s someone who truly can do everything humanly possible in a real time situation because he is so fit from CrossFit. In- house we have Tim and Jonesy. I’m sure we would all feel confident in their abilities during an emergency situation. If a loved one is trapped in an inferno do you want someone who just jogs,or works out on machines with long periods of rest between sets? Or do you want a Firefighter who is CrossFit-ready for whatever comes his way?

By the way Jonesy is competing in an event called “The Firefighter Challenge” this May as his goal. Guess what the training protocol of the first and second place guys is. I’ll give you a hint-it’s also Jonesy’s secret weapon every evening at 5pm. Let’s do what we can to support everyone as they go for their goals, and hopefully the firefighter challenge will be televised so we can all root for Jonesy.

27 more days to reach our goals by January 1st



Choose one or more of the following squats you’d like to get a 1 rep max on

Back Squat
Front Squat
Over Head Squat

Work up to your 1 rep max

Followed by some work on one or more of your goals.

Back Squat

Front Squat

Over Head Squat


“Core Strength and Conditioning”

Just what is a “core strength and conditioning” program?
“CrossFit is a core strength and conditioning program in two distinct senses. First, we are a core strength and conditioning program in the sense that the fitness we develop is foundational to all other athletic needs. This is the same sense in which the university courses required of a particular major are called the “core curriculum”. This is the stuff that everyone needs. Second, we are a “core” strength and conditioning program in the literal sense meaning the center of something. Much of our work focuses on the major functional axis of the human body, the extension and flexion, of the hips and extension, flexion, and rotation of the torso or trunk. The primacy of core strength and conditioning in this sense is supported by the simple observation that powerful hip extension alone is necessary and
nearly sufficient for elite athletic performance. That is, our experience has been that no one without the capacity for powerful hip extension enjoys great athletic prowess and nearly everyone we’ve met with that capacity was a great athlete. Running, jumping, punching and throwing all originate at the core. At CrossFit we endeavor to develop our athletes from the inside out, from core to extremity, which is by the way how good functional movements recruit muscle, from the core to the extremities. “
-Coach Glassman “What is Fitness”


Run or Row 400m 4 Rounds
Rest as needed between each round.

Followed by…
Work on at least one of your December goals.

I’d like to thank Tim and Nicole-It is a total pleasure to have you both at C3. Tim had an outstanding 3:59 Diane at the 5:00! Nice work Tim.
Tim has brought us additional equipment-top quality training, and now he’s brought us Jonesy (Kurt Jones). Jonesy is a Firefighter at the base and he loves CrossFit. Welcome to the Family Jonesy.

6am and 7am Classes are cancelled for Thursday


Commitment to Evidence Based Fitness

” What we’ve discovered is that CrossFit increases work capacity across broad time and modal domains. This is a discovery of great import and has come to motivate our programming and refocus our efforts. This far-reaching increase in work capacity
supports our initially stated aims of building a broad, general, and inclusive fitness program. It also explains the wide variety of sport demands met by CrossFit as evidenced by our deep penetration among diverse sports and endeavors. We’ve come to see increased work capacity as the holy grail of performance improvement and all other common metrics like VO 2 max, lactate threshold, body composition, and even strength and flexibility as being correlates—derivatives, even. We’d not trade improvements in any other fitness metric for a decrease in work capacity. “
-Coach Glassman

Ok, so Coach uses big words. Increased work capacity is simply being able to do more in less time. For example if you have a 14min Fran-getting it down to 8 min the next time is a result of increased work capacity. You did the same amount of work, but it was a whole 6 min faster! That’s what its all about at Crossfit (assuming we are using full range of motion with proper technique) When we increase our fitness in this way the way we look takes care of itself. It may be a new way of looking at your workouts. But its by far proven to be the best approach for forging fitness.





Deadlift 225/155
Handstand Push Ups

This one will definitely call for scaling and modification-that’s fine! Let’s make the adjustments and perform at high levels of relative intensity.

This jaw dropping performance is Brett Marshall aka “AFT” a fire fighter from Canada who placed 2nd in the CF games in 07 and I think 9th in 08


Tabata Tuesday

Stellar performances from everyone today. I was glad to hear some realistically ambitious goals from the 6am & 5pm group. 4 O’clockers, I’ll look for your 3 December goals tomorrow. I am excited to see the progress over the next 30 days or so. If you’d like to modify your goal you have until Friday. Around January 1st I am planning to do a WOD that we call “resolutions” where, if the logistics work out, the WOD is going to be a free for all of everyones individual goals. I’ll work out the details and any thoughts are, of course welcome. Let’s also celebrate our month of hard work with a Party the night of that WOD at C3. Looks like we have a lot to look forward to!
One of my many goals for CrossFit is to have 50 members by February. In that spirit we are offering a free week to new members starting January 1-? Spread the word.
The most immediate goal is that we are winning the “Rowtography contest” and getting ourselves a new rower. Please tell Drew and I if you have more good ideas- it looks like we have a very solid chance with what we have but, more is more.

Tuesday December 2,2008


“Tabata Something Else”

Complete 32 intervals of 20 seconds of work followed by ten seconds of rest where the first 8 intervals are pull-ups, the second 8 are push-ups, the third 8 intervals are sit-ups, and finally, the last 8 intervals are squats. There is no rest between exercises.

Score total reps from all 32 intervals.

Hers Rob Miller-One of the best trainers on the planet, a professional rock climber,super nice guy and an amazing CrossFitter-(No you don’t have to do your sit-ups on the GHD)

Have to tip my hat to Caleb he has been polite and hard working through some very tough workouts-Welcome!


December 1, 2008 “Show Up,Don’t Quit” & “Set Goals”

It was a great November. We welcomed some new faces, had some fun guests and made a lot of progress. Special thanks to Brendan from the Yale Rowing team. He had terrific work capacity and often made it look easy (22min on the 21’s workout!) He offered some great tips for us on the rower I will happily pass along. 

Are you finding yourself more tired and a little run down as we approach winter? Now is the time that you need to find ways to stay motivated. Watch the videos on cf.com, you tube, & vimeo. Read the Journal. Ward off apathy by keeping a simple focus free from all the “options”  your mind runs through. How about “Show Up,Don’t Quit.” Can be the December Motto.
Also have you set goals? Good if you do,start if you don’t. Write them down. Other wise they are just a passing thought or some would say just a wish. Set 3 goals for December, write them down, and share them with the group. whether it’s using a smaller band for pull-ups or a 4min mile-let’s get them in writing and make them known. Bring them in and we will review them Monday.
Mine are 
10 Handstand Push-Ups (Right now I have 3)
375 Deadlift (I have never done more than 340)
10 Pistols (One legged squats-I can do 2 on each leg)
I am now accountable and it’s out there. I’ll let you know Jan. 1,2009 how I fared.
21-15-9 For Time
Box Jumps Medium Box
Thrusters 75/45
Sumo Deadlift High Pull 75/45
The Thruster

The Sumo Deadlift High Pull


Sunday- The Foundations

The Following is an excerpt from one of the very first CrossFit Journals entitled, Foundations. It is a free PDF from CrossFit.com I encourage everyone to read the journal often. It’s only 25$ for a one year subscription, money well spent. (I don’t receive a dime, I just know the benefit is tremendous.)

An effective approach
In gyms and health clubs throughout the world the typical workout
consists of isolation movements and extended aerobic sessions. The
fitness community from trainers to the magazines has the exercising
public believing that lateral raises, curls, leg extensions, sit-ups and the
like combined with 20-40 minute stints on the stationary bike or treadmill
are going to lead to some kind of great fitness. Well, at CrossFit we
work exclusively with compound movements and shorter high intensity
cardiovascular sessions. We’ve replaced the lateral raise with push-
press, the curl with pull-ups, and the leg extension with squats. For
every long distance effort our athletes will do five or six at short distance.
Why? Because compound or functional movements and high intensity or
anaerobic cardio is radically more effective at eliciting nearly any desired
fitness result. Startlingly, this is not a matter of opinion but solid irrefutable
scientific fact and yet the marginally effective old ways persist and are
nearly universal. Our approach is consistent with what is practiced in elite
training programs associated with major university athletic teams and
professional sports. CrossFit endeavors to bring state-of-the-art coaching
techniques to the general public and athlete who haven’t access to current
technologies, research, and coaching methods


Nice work today. I am really happy to see people focused on long term CrossFitting-resting injuries,focusing on form and smart behaviors like that. The message board on CrossFit.com is a good place to get useful info on how other people deal with a tweak or pain in say the knee, shoulder, or back. This can be a very useful resource for deciding how to treat things even as simple as a torn callous. Like most of the info in the CrossFit community- its open source, in other words- free!




As Many Rounds Possible in 20 Min

6 Push Ups
9 Wall Ball 20/14
12 KB Swings 1.5/1 Pood

Followed By “Attack a Weakness” (How Did You Do at L-Hangs? Pull-Ups? 1 Mi. Run) Is there anything you have your eye on up on the board?

A couple reminders about what we expect out of our Push-Ups. Those faults and lame push-ups are for the rest of em’-but not us at CrossFit Cape Cod.

Playing With Push-Ups