Weigthed Human Movement- The Path to Real Strength


Weigthed Human Movement- The Path to Real Strength

The barbell cert this weekend was awesome!! Coach Mark Rippetoe and his staff are the highest caliber of trainers/coaches available in the world. They live and love what they do. I will make available the texts that have been published at the facility- feel free to ask if you’d like to borrow them- they are valuable resources for deeper understanding of programming and strength training. 

Day 1 We discussed what being a coach means for you and your athletes, how to cue people, and the fact that in general a trainer/coach will become better from coaching less gifted athletes because they will need more explanation, involvement and queuing, than someone who is naturally an excellent athlete. 
All of the movements we were going to discuss over the course of the certification were functional human movements done under a load. Sitting and standing up- something we all do more than once a day, that is highly beneficial to our work capacity when we develop the proper technique and ability to do so properly with weight. Also known as the back squat (with the bar on the back.) Proper squat position is borne from the best position for the human body to be in so that it can safely and efficiently produce the most force against the resistance of the load. The default mechanics and bar path are always that the bar is over the scapula and the scapula is over the mid- foot. This causes a straight bar path and maximizes strength potential. When squatting we drive with the hips and legs which act as our motor for movement. The postural muscles (lower back, obliques, abs-the trunk or core) function isometrically to keep our back in correct posture and prevent us from moving out of a correct position, such as rounding forward. We have a lot to discuss about this indispensable movement, such as proper breathing, stretch reflex, foot position, active hips, head and eye position, lordotic arch, active hamstrings and more! We will do a lot of perfect back squats at C3.
In fact the Wod is…
Low Bar Back Squat

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  1. Looking forward to it ,Tybor. I can’t promise that we aren’t going to pick your brain for nutritional expertise! You are welcome to visit any time!

  2. I had often speculated about the best way to do exercise with weights, since it always seemed forced and unnatural to lift enormous amounts of iron in an attempt to build muscle with natural range of motion. After a good amount of time of studying human movement online, I have come to agree with much of what’s stated here in the post. My own workouts now are based on the principle of doing natural movements, but when my extremities are weighted down enough so that it becomes difficult after a few reps… It takes far less weight than you might think!