Week 4 nutrition Challenge


Week 4 nutrition Challenge

Week 4 Challenge: Each partner will do 20 Burpee Sandbag Cleans. Men 50# sandbag/Females 35#. Your score will be your combined time. Remember these challenges can be done as many times as you want to try and get a better score.

The movement: Start with the clean making sure elbows are in front of the body in the catch position, then burpee with the chest making contact on the sandbag. Repeat.

Great work so far on logging and staying on that nutrition!!! Hope your having fun with the challenges. Remember the Open starts this week. You have until Thursday to register on the CrossFit main site. If you are on the fence, here are a few reasons that might change your mind.

WHY should I do this?
The importance of the open for every member might be different. For some it’s to say they have done it. For others it’s been used as a measuring stick for themselves for 3+ years. No matter your personal reason the data points are a constant among everyone. You can use the next 5 workouts as a tool to understand what you need to work on. If you hate wasting time, this is the perfect calibration tool for you. Get to know what you are struggling with compared to your peers and start chipping away at the weakness over the next 9 months. 

The main reason I love doing the open.
Everyone’s situation is different at CrossFit Cape Cod. Some people at the gym have many hours to dedicate to the gym a week, some have one hour. Some of you work two jobs and are 27 years old, some of you have 2 kids, work two jobs and are 43 years old. No matter the life situation you can find someone on that  national or global leader-board who shares a life measurable to yours, if not weirdly identical. Now that you’ve got a human frame of reference or a measuring stick their can be some comparing and contrasing done.

Some thoughts I’ve had in the past on this topic.
Why does that person with 2 kids and a full time job who is 3 inches taller than me beating me in every workout? Why did that 17 year old just lift more than me, why did that 49 year old lift more than me. You can use this as motivation, or a realization, but the one thing is it’s a fact. Over 5 workouts what can your body and mind do and what can’t it do on that particular test/workout. Does any of this matter in the long run? Well that depends on what you put emphasis on of course, it doesn’t have to mean everything, but it is a data point to use.

Last reason you should do the open.

It’s fun. Simply put getting 25-35 people in a room who are sharing in the fun and sometimes agony of a workout together is an experience that I call fun. Come increase reality.

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  1. Jillian

    I am traveling for work all week so cannot make it into the gym. If I do the workouts at my hotel will that still count toward the extra points at the end of the week? And I can participate in a team challenge on Saturday morning after the 8 am class if that works for my teammate!

  2. Mase

    Hey guys, we are on our final week of the challenge!! Stay strong. Great work to this point. Your last and final challenge is….. seeing that it’s still winter, how many cals on the ski erg can you get in three minutes? Each partner will go for three minutes for total max calories. Have fun! You are on the home stretch. Woohoo