Week 2 nutrition challenge blog & points log.

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  1. Mase

    Hey everyone, your first team challenge is this week. You eAch need to do a yoke carry for forty feet without stopping until you reach the 40 ft mark. Each person will see how much weight they can walk with the yoke for forty feet. This can be done as many times as you like. Add up you and your partners total weight. This must be logged by this Saturday. The yoke is approx 185 lbs. Teams are posted on the board. The area is marked off in white tape. Must start behind white tape and finish behind tape. Have fun!!

  2. Ellen Gage

    2/10 6 points.
    What is the mindful eating log? For bonus points I did all the things except that for the last two weeks…(13 points week one, 13 points week two?‍♀️)

  3. Mase

    Awesome work everyone on the yoke carries!!! Remember your fitness is challenged by constantly varied movements. Now that you have the yoke, most of you for the first time, can now incorporate it into training before or after class.

    Onto Week three challenge is farmer carries and box jumps. The carries are 2 pood (red) for guys and 1.5 (green) for the ladies. As one partner carries, the other does box jumps (24/20). Once the partner puts down the kettlebells, you stop jumping. Then switch movements. Total score is total box jumps from each of you. Have fun!

    Stay on that nutrition! The hard part is over. Now it’s routine. A few more weeks left and just remember you are treating your body well! It returns the favor by you feeling great, more productive and a healthier you all around!!