Wednesday- There’s Another Man Over Board, Let’s Torture His Core


Wednesday- There’s Another Man Over Board, Let’s Torture His Core

Impressive work on Grace! Just getting close to prescribed weight for 30 is a feat in itself. Everyone was impressive- special shout to Mike who used 95lbs last time we saw “Grace,”Today he used 135lbs and beat his time from October when he used 95lbs! I hope you all felt the difference when the mechanics were right and when something wasn’t quite working. Here’s that video from the day we did “The Chief.” See if you can recognize mid-foot bar path, the point where she explosively jumps when the bar is over the knee. Does she maximize triple extension? How about fast elbows? It’s a great example, perhaps it will have greater meaning to you after “Grace.” The girl workouts tend to do that.

Anyways… tomorrow…Wednesday’s WOD…Evil Sesei commands you to-
“Run Your Core Off”

1 Runner 400m
While the runner is doing 400m everyone else is at their respective stations which are in any order:
Back Extensions
KB Swing 1.5/1 Pood
Knees to Elbows
Suit Case Deadlift 60/40lbs

Bonus Points
Deadlift 135/95

There’s a saying in CrossFit, a taunt really- “Your workout is our warm-up.” We can all be glad that isn’t the case with whatever it is that this guy is doing. I couldn’t resist posting this video- You need a strong stomach for the nausea and the laughter. (Save something for tomorrows workout) and as parental advisory I should warn you that there is some gratuitous fruit bowl at the end. Post to comments your thoughts on where this guy is. Or where he isn’t. Or any thoughts on this one.

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  1. These are all logical statements/guesses. I guess all I have to do to get you to comment is post video of one of the biggest weirdos on You Tube. Now you’re in for it!