Wednesday 8/6/14


Wednesday 8/6/14


Over Head Squat
1 Rep Max

Hang Clean 
1 Rep Max

(% based off 3rm or 90% of 1rm)

4 Rounds Not For Time
20 Tricep Press Downs
20 Band Pull Aparts
5 Strict Bent Over Barbell Rows

8 Responses

  1. The gym looks good Mark!
    OHS 80# (5# pr) finally got over that 75 mark. First time taking the bar off my back, I usually jerk it up then adjust my hands so I was happy I felt comfortable with that starting position.
    Hang Clean 130 (20# pr). I struggle with the hang position but today I cleaned it with the split. That move comes in handy with heavier weight. Felt good. Love cleans!
    Press, this is another story. Very weak lift for me. 45×5 then 65 x8 but had to rack the bar each time. Very tough with the shoulder.
    Part B. Complete. Shoulders and tri’s are very sore but it’s a good sore from Angie.
    Nice pr’s Josh!!!

  2. #245 OHS, 225# HC, 165# press maxed then did did the 5x 95,115,125, felt good need to get stronger here!! and really need to work on front rack mobility!! I think thats why my cleans are lacking lbs. Or just steal Mason’s Clean Mojo, Just like Dr. Evil did.!!

    B. Done. nice pump.
    Nano 4’s are the jam!

    P.S. I love Mark!! and the gym looks great Sarah should be proud! I defiantly don’t clean and organize like that.