Wednesday 8/20/14


Wednesday 8/20/14

3 Minutes 
20 Cal Row Then
As Many Rounds Possible In The Remaining Time Of
10 Push Press 115/75
10 Toes To Bar
Rest 1:00 Between Cycles
5 Cycles Of 3:00

3 Rounds Rest As Needed Between Rounds
20 Box Step Ups (Alt. Legs)
40 Unbroken Double Unders

1 Response

  1. A. 4 rnds plus 6 tougher than it looked.
    B. Complete feeling much stronger on the pistols, they felt good and strong today. Did 2 rnds unbroken, third round hit 29, then restarted and got the 40.
    It was fun having my brother do the wod next to me. He did great for not a full time crossfitter and my niece and nephew had fun too!