Wednesday 7/23/14


Wednesday 7/23/14

AMRAP 15 Minutes
7 Push Press 135/95
10 Overhead Squats 135/95
15 GHD Sit Ups

4 Rounds Not For Time
Sled Drag 50 Meters 90/45
20 Tricep Press Downs Blue/Red
20 Pull Aparts Red/Purple 

Thursday Is A Rest Day!

6 Responses

  1. A. 5 rds, I started at 135#, but it crushed me at the OHS. Switched to 95# to finish the WOD.
    B. 90# sled, blue, red

    Disappointed about switching to 95#, but I was still wiped at the end. Good workout!

  2. So, I’m sitting here, watching the first event of the Games and thinking it would be awesome to do a water WOD during a weekend before it gets too cold.

  3. 3+ 7 @65#. Disappointed with myself on this wod. I could not keep the bar overhead today. Shoulder is a bit tweaked… So what else is new lol
    Liked part b with the sleds @ 45#.
    I was really lethargic and tired before this wod. I see an extra rest day in my near future!!!!