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  1. Anonymous

    49 burpees done!
    155lbs press
    12 rounds 5 pull-ups 1 push-up!
    Working out besides Amy Kb was all the motivation I needed! Kurt M

  2. Brendan

    135# with the press…rx’ed 16 rounds…I had a bit of frustration to work out today and it added a few rounds to the tally. Whatever it takes. Great 930 group.

  3. Anonymous

    105# press, 115# x 2 reps, but no-go on 3rd rep without turning it into a push-press. Burpees done (49) – thanks Kurt for posting the burpee tally and keeping us honest.
    WOD: Rx 13 rounds + 5 pull-ups + 10 push-ups. Brendan – you’re a beast; 16 rounds is a crazy score. Happy Halloween. — Adam B.