Tuesday November 4, 2008


Tuesday November 4, 2008

Great job on the squats today everybody! Thanks to the 4 o’clock class for rotating at a good pace- sorry if some of you didn’t get all your sets. I can see that we are going to need more racks! Huge improvement from everyone- Special shout to Drew for achieving full range of motion in just one workout!
I know the overhead squats will only get better, I promise. Shanna on her first attempt at a max overhead squat got 105!
Also glad to welcome Lewis-C3’s newest member- strong work today Lewis!
So I had talked about 2 heavy days in a row…but here’s something a little different.

WOD Tuesday

1 minute each for 3 rounds with a 20 seconds between exercises and 1 minute between rounds. Score total reps, calories for rower.

Double Unders
Box Jump 18″
Knees to Elbows

Quite the Showman- Good Double -Under Demo