Tuesday-Can You Say Grace?


Tuesday-Can You Say Grace?

Pretty memorable classes today. Great job today on the “Gary” WOD- those ring dips are killer. You guys are all giving your best and it is paying off! I’m proud of everyone for attacking each workout with your individual capacities for intensity, while, of course, remembering proper technique. Al and Jane showed real resolve toward the end and everyones enthusiastic support makes all the difference- thank you all for creating such a great atmosphere to train in.

At CF L.A. The motto is simply “Show Up, Don’t Quit.” There’s a great deal of truth in that formula for success.

Thank you to, Chad, Melissa, and Beth for coming and checking us out.Also Daniele came back for a second visit even though she was still sore from Saturday-nice job Danielle.

WOD Tuesday


30 Clean and Jerks 135/95
For Time

I’m going to post several pertinent videos but I’d like to say if you have anything left in the tank after grace tomorrow- ATTACK YOUR WEAKNESSES. For example- many CrossFitters who are working at removing the chinks from their armor write a list of the things that give them trouble. Some things on the list are done more than once a day, others perhaps several times per week. Imagine if you just did 5, maybe 10, burpees throughout the day like-before you eat, or every time you enter and leave, say the bathroom. The next time you had to do 45 in a workout like “Gary”…they may not be so tortuous, who knows, they may even become a strength, they’ll still suck, but at least they wont be a weakness.

I’m partial to this one because I was standing with, Tony, the cameraman so Tosh didn’t drop the 135 on my head. (Recognize the blue and white binder?) You see me for 1/2 a second at the end for the high 5. But despite my starring role(s) its actually more about a very inspiring CrossFit scenario with “Grace” as the workout.

This will help with the SDLHP’s