Tuesday 9/9/14


Tuesday 9/9/14


3 Rounds
150ft* Sled Push Unbroken 45/25
1 Legless Rope Climb
2 Rope Climbs With Legs
25 Back Extensions With a 2 Count Pause At The Top.
Rest 4:00
*75ft out, 75ft back from the garage door.

4 Responses

  1. A. worked up to 205# x 3
    B. 24:08 4rounds thought it was four rounds!!! just reread this!!. the back ext were the toughest my back was throbbing at the end. need to work on leg position on rope. legless feel better. man that got the heart rate up!!

  2. I like those B choices though Josh. Cool Combo!
    Allan, 4 Rounds of that! I was fried after 3!
    Barely Missed 3rd rep at 205 on the thruster. Successful at 195
    19min for 3 rounds.

  3. A. worked 75×3, 85×3 four sets. Shoulder is sore so played it smart today. It was the catch that was sketchy today so stayed safe.
    B. Forgot to start the clock but the second round was 7:06, then 7:49. Rx
    Those back ext were burning!!! Legless felt strong today but funny how the regular rope climb was awkward. Its like double unders, forgetting how to do singles. lol