Tuesday 9/30/14


Tuesday 9/30/14

For Time 
Run 1 Mile
50 Wall Ball Shots 30/16 10′
50 Kettlebell Swings 2/1.5

Back Squats With Chains
75% Of Your 5 Rep Max Plus Chains

Row Max Effort
Rest 1:00 Between Each Set. Score The Total Time On The Clock At The End.

4 Responses

  1. A. 13:01 Rx good to work with 30# ball again ( It’s pretty sad I’m saying that)!!
    B. 5×260 Thanks for showing us the right way to chain Mark. We’ll have to go over how to band with squats only way i’ve seen are in racks??
    C. 8:45 Thanks for the Clock Mason!! and Josh always nice working out with you!

    Signed up for ECC online qualifier today focus is ON!!! Been tracking calories( for carb to fat to protein) and trying to eat zone! This is so tough but feel it will help out big time! Just need to be better than yesterday! Everyday!

  2. 16:34 rx. Knew those wall balls would be tough. Knee is not tracking properly. Pace the run at 7:12. Cool running in the dark with my geek headlight lol.
    B. Skipped the squats.
    C. 9:45 on the row.

    Allan that’s AWESOME!!! Focus is the key with the food intake! You’re gonna crush the qualifier and end up being in the same heat as my boyfriend!!!