Tuesday 9/2/14


Tuesday 9/2/14

1 Rep Max
Clean Jerk and Clean Without Dropping The Bar

Deadlift 225/155
Handstand Push Ups

5 X Through Not For Time
Close Grip Bench Press X 5
Bent Over Kettlebell Row X 10 
GHD Sit Ups X 15

5 Responses

  1. A. 245# C&J&C..tried 255# P.r. on C&J with that!!!!!!!
    B. 8:45 Rx Shoulder were so smoked after A. Dead’s were OK hspu’s were slow!!
    C. done 135#, 1.5, done fast. X5
    D. Mopping up my sweat in multiple location. 4:37 Rx A lot of puddles!!!

  2. A. DId 105 with the clean jerk clean but can’t catch any more weight than that with my shoulder so I worked on clean/jerk to 125.
    B. 20:13. I no repped myself on the hspu’s. This is still a work in progress so I did a few more than I expected but it will only get me stronger when the open hits. The deads were fine.
    C. Stayed at 65#on the press, without a spot didn’t want the am class to find me with a bar on my chest, shoulders were pretty smoked. Did 65 on the rows and GHD done.
    Long day…..