Tuesday 8/12/14


Tuesday 8/12/14

1 Rep Max
Weighted Pull Up
Weighted Dip
Front Squat

Back Squat
Use 3rm or 90% of 1 rm for %

400m Sled Pull

5 Responses

  1. A. Skipped the dips did them yesterday
    Got 26# on the pull-up, last time it was 18.
    Front squat 10# pr @ 145
    B. 110×3, 125×3, 135×3
    C. Done

  2. A. dips and pull ups 98# PR,
    front squat 315# PR!!!!!!!!!!!! so pumped for over 300 in the front! Great working with Jamin, Bushy and Judkins.
    B.250×3, 285×3, 320#x3 Last three were slow…
    C. Done. kept it at a fast walk pace until the last 100 and gave it all I had(not much faster) Legs are going to be feeling it Thursday!!

  3. A) Dips- just a purple band; Pull Ups- FIRST STRICT UNASSISTED. I almost died. I didn’t know I could do that. Thanks Traci & Shannah for the encouragement! I kipped a couple too, just to see how they felt.; Front squat- 125#- 10# PR

    B) 105, 120, 135, Definitely did these based off my 1 RM.. oops. But they felt ok, a little slow.

    C.) Done. Used a 10# plate. Feel the burn!