Tuesday 7/15/14


Tuesday 7/15/14


50 Back Squats
5 Rope Climbs
40 Back Squats
4 Rope Climbs
30 Back Squats
3 Rope Climbs
20 Back Squats
2 Rope Climbs
10 Back Squats
1 Rope Climb

Squat Weight 75/50

Speed Bench Press With Chains
12 Sets 2 Reps Use A Moderate Weight That Lets You Move Really Fast. If The Bar Is Going Up Slow Go Lighter.

On The Minute For 10 Minutes
Odd: Handstand Walk Max Distance
Even: Double Unders :30 Seconds

6 Responses

  1. A. 12:05
    B. 120 plus 4 chains
    C. 32 feet every time. Just couldn’t get any momentum. Doubles were 48, 44, 40, 38, 32 they felt good but just kept dropping off every round.
    Upped my caloric intake and feel like my old self again.

  2. 18:26
    B. got up to 75# (5 rnds) which was huge for me. No chains just working on negatives and explosiveness to the top.
    C. Worked on free standing hand stands and holding in a solid hollow rock position. All doubles were over 30.
    Great time Allan and Mark.

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