Sarah S. 10 ft. Wall Balls

CrossFit Cape Cod Workout Of The Day

4 Six Minute Rounds

1 Minute Wall Ball
1 Minute Kettle Bell Swing
Run 400

Whatever Time Is Left In The 6 Minutes Is Rest Until The Next 6 Minutes

14 Responses

  1. 200 on the kettle bell and wall balls, 7:37 on the run. I had the unfortunate experience of watching JenBen leave me in the dust four runs in a row. Crossfit keeps you humble.

  2. Annmarie

    Amazing Jen and John! 180 on the wall balls and kb 8:03(?) I rowed instead of ran. One day, my knee will be better! lol
    McGrail – I’ve been squeezing things all day! Great info this morning. You should do a class just on mobility.

  3. Anonymous

    159 reps, 6:21 run total. 7 ring muscle-ups and 41 burpees because I couldn’t remember the challenge count. If I have catch up burpees owed, let me know. — Adam B.

  4. 201 reps; 6:38 run. Could not hold my 400’s at 1st round pace… Doc and Andy smoked on the run, It was fun to WOD with the 4:30 class.

    Annmarie, as long as the things you squeezed all day were your own everything should be cool. 😉

  5. Andy M.

    I think I must have added the run wrong. McGrail definitely finished before me every round. Must have been 7:13, not 6:13. Thanks for posting your time Mike, so I could make that correction. And it’s always fun to have you to try and keep pace with.

  6. Annmarie

    lol McGrail – well, when it wasn’t myself I yelled out “I am touching you in an instructional manner!”