Tuesday 10/14/14


Tuesday 10/14/14


3 Rounds For Time
5 Rope Climbs
25 Back Squats 185/135

3 Responses

  1. 12:18 Rx that really was a great WOD Thanks for programing it.! Mark I really did like the fact you pointed out as well he was a member of our community thinking about him in during the tough parts of the wod and thinking about how hard he worked and must of fought for his life at the end and to even try to compare that to the struggle of a work out seems petty but it inspires me greatly and really keeps it real!

    6x 100m sprints rested about 1:1 no clock tough after that wod legs are smoked!!

  2. Awesome times guys!! Allan you were fast as lightening out there.
    Took rest today… Hernia was giving me trouble so I took the advice of Allan and Traci. Would love to have taken the challenge of this one but listening to my body ( and the alien, lol).