The Weight Of A Monday…


The Weight Of A Monday…

Going heavy tomorrow! We had quite a challenging week last week with a lot of Met-Con and high rep, high intensity workouts. While those kind of mash-up workouts are unique to CrossFit Programming, it’s not all we do. Going heavy is extremely beneficial and must not be overlooked. Strength and power are necessary for complete fitness. Have you committed to memory the 10 aspects of fitness? Here they are- get to the point where you can say them in your sleep, do the WOD’s so you are the embodiment of them: 1.Cardiovacular/Respritory Endurance 2. Stamina 3. Strength 4. Flexibility 5. Power 6.Speed 7.Coordination 8. Agility 9. Balance 10. Accuracy
You are as fit as you are competent in each of these ten facets of fitness. CrossFit leaves none of these out and maximizes your advancement in all these areas. If you were to do a self evaluation of how you stand with each of the 10 physical skills, what are your strong points? Weaknesses? Write down your results and revisit this self-test every few months-I guarantee the numbers will likely all increase and the weaknesses will improve and balance out. Writing out goals is always a great way to balance the scales as well.
Would you like to know where you stand? Check out the link on the far lower right down the blog from CF Seattle “Skill Sheet”

Monday’s WOD

Back Squat

Front Squat

Over Head Squat

Great opportunities to get your name on the wall of fame.

Front Squat Instruction