The Real Question Is…


The Real Question Is…




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Here’s a piece of a post from Chris Speallers Blog-what are your thought on this subject?
Something to leave you with for comments. Why do you care about how much you weigh as far as building lean muscle mass? Most people want to gain weight so they can get stronger. Change that around and work on getting stronger. If you gain weight as a result of strength gains so what, but if you weigh more and can’t lift more, it’s gained weight that isn’t productive to you work output.

In the comments Chris responded to a CrossFitter who felt programmed to be upset if the scale didn’t show a “low” number:
The scale can give us a messed up perception of what’s really going on with our bodies. THE REAL QUESTION IS are you leaning out, getting stronger, and in better overall health than before. If so than who cares what that scale says!

How about you? Are you Leaning Out? Are You Getting Stronger? Are you in better overall health than before? I think that without question the answer is yes across the board for every athlete we train! Feel free to share some of your success with us in the comments.

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  1. I’m finally starting to release the scale obsession.
    It’s really really hard to do when you have a dieters mentality.
    On a regular diet with no strength training you see losses every week usually, even though some of that’s muscle mass.
    I’d rather be strong and lean (getting there) then skinny and weak.

    As far as health goes,
    the Paleo book talks about how the diet helps with upper respitory issues, since I’ve started it I haven’t had a cold! When I have any grains or sugar I am usually a little congested within a day, and it goes away as soon as I eat clean again.