Team Challenge and Any Who Are Awesome Enough To Join Us-14 Mobility WODs!


Team Challenge and Any Who Are Awesome Enough To Join Us-14 Mobility WODs!

WOW-3 Mobility WODs for the price of one. Trying to get 10-12 total minutes Post WOD.

The CrossFit Cape Cod Workout of The Day For Monday, February 13th, 2012.

4 Rounds -Not Timed- For Max Reps. Rest As Needed Between Rounds.

Over Head Squats 
Strict Pull Ups 
The overhead squat is a lot less about how strong your legs are, and more about a test of balance and flexability. It takes time and patience to get a good overhead squat. That said it is expected and appropriate to scale back the weight to something that will 1. Exhibit good mechanics, and less importantly 2. challenge the athlete.
At worst, the dowel will leave you cursing and sweating, baffled at why its so difficult to get below paralell with weight over head trying to keep your heels on the ground. Today- Focus on the basics like weight on the heels and knees out. Also making your best effort to keep the shoulders externally rotated and  your lower back in the right position. There is no prescribed weight. For an advanced athlete this will look something like 135lbs x 17 and 22 strict pull ups for round 1. For a new athlete this will be more along the lines of say a 15lb bar for 11 and 15 green band pull ups. Wherever you fall focus on good movement and max reps!

Dave C-Crushing the ERG with one arm!

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  1. Oops. Hope the surgeon doesn’t see that. He thinks I’m grinding away on an elliptical machine in pink leg warmers. I swear if it wasn’t for a year of Crossfit (today is my one year anniversary at C3) and the paleo challenge, I wouldn’t have recovered as fast as I have.

    It’s good to be back, now to figure out how to do a one-armed overhead squat ….