Team Challenge 5 Update

Doing Weight Training At The Gym

Team Challenge 5 Update



‘Flight Of The Navigator’

5 Rounds
Run 200
12 Burpees
Run 200
24 Air Squats

25 Minute Cut Off

Team Challenge 5 Update:

Please Note:
Everyone will only be allowed to do the challenge after classes as was stated. Everyone doing the challenge will need to stop at 7am, 10:30, 4:30, 5:30 or 6:30. Any reps done past the finish of the class will not count. 
ALSO-participants can only contribute toward the challenge up to 2 x per day and can only do the challenge after the workout, not during classes.

Please be considerate of the noise levels while the next class is starting. 

4 Responses

  1. Just to be sure I understand this correctly – if I workout at the 6AM class, I can do the challenge from the time I finish the WOD until 7AM. Then, if I come in for the 9:30 class, I can’t start the challenge work until after everyone in the class finishes the WOD? Hmmmm… this should be interesting

  2. Anonymous

    Whoever hung up those twinkles is not a nice person and should be disqualified if participating in the challenge and an extra 20points should be given to say the team of the wife of that not so nice person!!–Just a thought!!

  3. Yes to the 7am cut off. Then at least 1 person needs to be done at the 9:30 class but no one can just come in and work on the challenge for an hour.