Ryan, always working hard every morning at 6:30 and seeing lots of progress!

Please note that we are cancelling the classes at 3:30,4:30 & 5:30 because of the bad driving conditions.




AMRAP 20 Minutes

5 Pull Ups
10 Push Ups
15 Squats



AMRAP 20 Minutes

5 Handstand Push Ups
10 Pistols
15 Pull Ups

If your weight loss is stalled try not to focus on it. Hold on tighter, and push through it-healthy long term weight loss is gradual and hits highs and lows. Avoid the scale for a little while and just trust that the hard work will pay off!

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Burpees By CrossFit Trident
And while we are at it check these out…the question on the affiliate blog was:

“Burpee Penalties” for infractions (being late to class, dropping KBs, etc.) — what’s your opinion? And should the penalty be assessed on the entire class or just the offender?

Check out the responses here. What do you think?

33 Responses

    Hi Everyone. Our internet has been down all week so I haven’t been able to post points. I’m not going to anymore. All of you know the drill. If you post something helpful or inspiring you get a point. If you Post or Try a recipe you get a point. One request. Please try the recipes before you post them. None of us want to spend our precious time and resources cooking something that wasn’t good because you posted it for a point. Also, you only get 1 point per recipe. For instance… “Tomorrow I’m going to make Kale soup!!!”… And then the next day….”I made the soup and it was GREAT”… Just make it and post it if it was good.

    On the other hand, I am going to post if someone DOES NOT get a point. There are 2 from last week and I just want to say I feel like such a jerk doing this but we need to keep the standard high. This is a competition after all and I believe in fairness. Last week a reicpe was posted that called for a sweet white wine. The rules had explained that white wine was a point deduction because it is high in sugar. The recipe looked great but by eating that you will have points reduced, so of course we would never suggest it. Another suggestion was to chew gum. If anyone wants to do the research and post why gum isn’t technically paleo, you get a point. If not, I will post it later.

    On that note I am going to hope that I don’t get beat up at C3 tomorrow. You are all doing amazing. Mark and I are proud of all of you. Point or no point… we are all winners!

  2. Gum either has sugar = no
    Or fake sweeteners = no. Not only are the chemicals man made, and therefore not paleo, but they can trigger an insulin response as they taste sweet.

  3. Jane, I am so glad you are liking the recipes. And I totally agree that you only ate 2 cookies. 🙂

    Erin, We haven’t met yet but I can tell through your posts you are a fellow foodie like me. Don’t give up. We can do this! Let’s just be healthy foodies!

    Alright kiddies here is what I made for dinner tonight. I know we have all been doing baked spaggettii squash with some kind of marinara. Shake things up a little and try a Bolegnese sauce. It’s not hard!

    This makes a lot of sauce. I have a big family. Scale it down if you want or keep on hand to throw over reheated roasted veggies. So good.

    Mama’s Bolognese

    2 large onions, chopped
    6 cloves garlic, minced
    3 carrots peeled, and minced
    1 large leek cleaned and chopped
    4 stalks celery, minced
    1 bunch fresh basil
    1 tsp crushed red pepper
    kosher salt and pepper
    2 28 oz cans crushed tomatoes
    2 lbs lean ground beef
    (If I had fennel I would have put that in too. See? There it is again.) Heat your pan and put in a few Tbs olive oil. Sweat your veggies. (Saute until you have pulled out some of the liquid.) 10 minutes. Season with salt and pepper and crushed red. (Good cooks will tell you to season with each stage of cooking.)
    You are a good cook. Do this. Next throw in your garlic. Give that a minute and a few turns of the spoon. Put your meat in. Season again. Brown your meat. Add tomatoes and just tear in the basil. Once everything has simmered for a while and your house smells like you should have the godfather soundtrack playing in the background, you guessed it. Season again. Make this for your man and he will follow you anywhere.


    heres dinner.

  5. Ugh…. I am so out of this competition! Kicking my gum habit will take a long time…. oh well, I will continue to eat as cavemanish as possible and chew as little gum as possible…. maybe just maybe I’ll still see results.


    i’m also a huge gum guy. i blame it on my mother of course. probably because she let me use a bottle til i was 6, but whatever.

    no idea about this website, but i have also wondered about the gum/aspertame dilemma and came across this zapp gum . . .

    if you don’t want to check out the links – the ingredients are: Xylitol, Gum Base, Natural and Artificial Flavors, Gum Arabic, Lecithin, Titanium Dioxide, and Carnauba Wax.

    xylitol? sugar? aspertame? is it all a no-no?

    how about cigarettes? (joke).

  7. oh, and in light of sarah’s post – i apologize that i have NOT tried this gum. just thought it was interesting that’s all.

    i see that xylitol is made from corn, so i’m assuming it is not paleo? also, it’s a 7 on the glycemic index. . . but i have no idea if that’s good or bad.

    thanks for your time.

  8. So, it’s been brought to my attention that molasses is not paleo (probably why those cookies are so yummy!)… so I’ve been doing some research. Seems like it’s kind of like cashews – some say yes, some say no. But, unfortunately, more paleo sites say no.

    From “From a fructose perspective, honey, maple syrup and molasses are all about 50% fructose. The monosaccharide form of fructose, which is found in corn syrup, is supposed to be the most harmful. Surprisingly, the honey has about 42gm of monosaccharide fructose per 100gm serving, while molasses has about 13gm and maple syrup has about 4gm So with regard to monosaccharide fructose, maple syrup would appear to be the least toxic.

    However, in the previous thread on honey studies are cited which show that honey does not have the same harmful effects as other sweeteners, and may even be beneficial. This is probably because honey is a whole food whose ingredients have complex interactions that somehow mitigate some of the possible harm from the fructose. While maple syrup and molasses were not included in those studies, they are not whole foods. Extensive boiling probably destroys the nutritional integrity of maple syrup and molasses. For that reason, I would favor the honey despite its high monosaccharide fructose content.”

    “Molasses (from the nourishing gourmet)

    Molasses is a by product of white sugar. It has a very dark, robust flavor, and contains the minerals and vitamins from the sugar cane. Since it has a fairly high iron content, it has often been recommended for those with low iron. It makes wonderful gingerbread cakes and cookies.”

    So – I guess if we are going to be really strict, we shouldn’t be adding any sweetener to our food – no honey, molasses, maple syrup as they all have fructose. Thoughts?

  9. Hey I just saw that link on classes having to do burpees if a member is late. Let me just say if I had to do burpees because someone else was late for class I would smile and go along…. then I would corner that person in the parking lot when it is real dark and quiet and hit them over the head with a kettlebell. I’m just saying.

  10. nettie – i wish YOUR internet was down. . .

    i think that burpees for punishment has a time and a place, and so far, has been applied at c3 appropriately. if i was leaving work at 5:10 and trying to make the 5:30 session and there was a car accident on 28 – i would feel bad about getting to c3 late. if i knew i would be responsible for making the entire group do burpees i would feel even worse. like CF mama said, everyone would do it, but that kind of thing just creates a secret animosity amongst the team, which i feel is in complete contrast to what sarah and mark have worked hard to establish in the ‘shpee. something about it just seems mean-spirited, but maybe i’m a softie.

    i don’t know. . .

  11. You are all pretty good about being on time and we appreciate it. We are all late sometimes… just try to be on time. Our goal is not to torture you more than we already do….

    We do greatly appreciate when everyone respects the equipment and pay attention during the warmups.

  12. I’m with bushy on this one – sometimes, I get out of work a little late and have to fly down 495 to make it to class… if I thought everyone would have to do burpees cause I was late, I would probably skip the workout instead of being the cause of everyone’s demise.

    I wish I didn’t have to post that whole sweetener thing… sorry!

  13. I realize that holiday traditions and gatherings may have us all feeling nostalgic at our social activities where we are surrounded by sweet treats. People, including myself, have been posting tons of Paleo friendly recipes for treats to satisfy our cravings during this time. Afterall, it is better than filling ourselves with the “non-paleo” delights.

    I was recently reading a blog post by Melissa Byers who runs a program called the whole 9 (it’s Paleo based) and can be found here Anyway, what she said made sense to me so I thought that I’d share it here. She is responding to someone asking about cocoa powder… “Cocoa powder is a good, healthy chocolate-ish option. 

But right now, I am asking people to change the way they think about food, and break old, unhealthy patterns of dietary behavior. That includes craving sugar just because it’s 3 PM, turning to sweets for comfort, and feeling the need to have “dessert” after every good meal. Swapping out the Snickers bar for bananas wrapped in dates dipped in coconut flakes covered in cocoa powder does NOTHING for that effort, despite the fact that all of those foods are technically “Paleo”. The key now is NOT to swap the Snickers bar for dried fruit or Larabars. Your brain won’t know the difference. It will just think, “Crave sugar, get something sweet.” And the cycle will never, ever end that way.

When you get those cravings, first, drink a big glass of water. Then, skip the fruit and eat FAT. Grab a handful of nuts, sprinkle some lemon and sea salt over an avocado or eat a handful of olives. Fat satiates. It tells your brain that you’re full, satisfied. That feeling will last longer than if you resorted to a quick fix like dried cranberries. OR… snack on something crunchy like carrots.”

    Just something to think about after we get through the holidays.

    Adding fat is not the only way to stay satiated, you have to find out what works best for your body. For some, it might mean eat more protein. I find that if I eat protein, carb, and fat at every meal/snack, I feel pretty good.

    BTW-The bananas wrapped in dates dipped in coconut flakes covered in cocoa powder sounds delicious:)

  14. I read that last night, Nicole. I reluctantly agree, that eliminating the craving for sweets is the ultimate goal, rather than to replace it with a sweet-tasting paleo approved item/s.

    I’m going to put away my stevia and honey after the holidays are over.

    Just know that I will stomp my feet and have a slight tantrum about it on Jan 1st.

  15. Anonymous

    Nicole S says…

    Sarah was that my receipe that had the dry vermouth wine in it? I didn’t say the sweet vermouth? If it is, I’m sorry for posting it. I’m going to try it without the wine or try a red wine to see if it still works.

  16. Anonymous

    I think I’m going to throw out my scale, I got on it for the first time since I weighed in. I should know better not to focus on the number! I was upset because I thought it should have been lower. I should focus more on how I feel and how I look. I’ve noticed gradual changes and definitely how my clothes fit….looser!!! I’ve gone down a notch in my work belt and might have to punch another hole in it! So that in itself is helping me stay Paleo! So bye bye scale!

  17. Pretty interesting to think about the gum,honey,syrup, and molasses…

    I am going to have to ponder these before I weigh in.

    Thanks for giving us something to think about!

  18. Ok Guys… There are a few really nervous people out there. CF Mama, you don’t need to do burpees just because someone else is late… Erin… If a piece of gum help you to refrain from breaking into the nearest bakery and eating all the Boston Cream, then chew away. The point of the Burpee/Gum questions was not to freak anyone out or make your life more stressful. It was just to see how everone felt about these issues.

    As far as the honey/maple syrup issue goes… Please just try to be balanced. There is a lot of controversy out there. We are trying to make this realistic for everyone. This is a 90 day challenge. JUST STICK WITH IT. A little honey in your tea is not the end of the world. If you are going to an event and know there is going to be a truffle table, maybe keep some paleo fudge in your pocket. Keeping a cookie jar full on your counter that you reach into every time you are having a craving is not going to help with weight loss and performance. Keeping already prepared meat and veggies on hand will. For those of you that want to stop eating it completely, good for you. We all need to be honest with ourselves. On that note, I’m going to go have fudge for breakfast. Just Kidding

  19. I love to hear all of the comments…..the trials and tribulations. Paleo is a learning process and there are many ways to screw up…Constructive criticism is good and helpful so bring it on. I was feeling a little tension here on the site. Okay…now I have to go and shovel, I don’t know how much energy I will have left once I get to 930 class.

  20. Wahoo we have finally reached day 21.

    Honestly, I feel that Paleo has started to become a habit. I have no cravings for sweets or carbs, I have more energy and I’m sleeping better.

    The only trouble I’m having is drinking enough water…has anyone found a routine that works for them?

    Also, are there any other beverages people have found that are paleo…what about apple cider or fresh orange juice??

  21. Sarah, thanks for paying close attention to our successes, concerns, and questions! This challenge is leading us all in creating a happier, healthier lifestyle.

    Lindsey, I aim to drink at least 1/2 my body weight in ounces of water each day. To keep track I fill a 40 oz. and a 27 oz. Kanteen each morning and drink from them throughout the day. I take the big one to work with me and drink the other in the car and at the gym. I find it easiest to keep track that way. Hope this helps!

  22. Hahahhaha

    Sarah, paleo fudge in your pocket…..hahahhahahah

    That is awesome and messy all at the same time.

    maybe we could bring back an insulated fanny pack?!?!

    In college during the fall season, Northeastern payed big bucks for this nutrition expert speaker. When one of my teammates asked him how to stay energized through our four hour practices, he advised all the athletes to buy fanny packs and keep peanut butter & jelly sandwiches in them. He said during water breaks we could snack on them. HE WAS NEVER INVITED BACK TO SPEAK.

    It was hilarious.

  23. oh….I was just kidding about you loosing your paleo minds! I love my paleo peeps:) , and gum. I think the fudge in my pocket is melting.

  24. Hey Lindsey, i was having the same problem with beverage variety, i found that Pelligrino, a sparkling water was a great change-up for me. Job lot has it for about $1.50 a bottle and it is such a treat when i get bored of water. Watch out for those fruit juices though, if you squeeze it yourself it’s ok but they spike your glycemic index really hard which is what we are trying to avoid.

  25. For those looking for an occasional change from eggs, there is a paleo breakfast sausage that is actually really good. It’s Jones all natural pork little sausages. the ingredients are pork, salt, spices, natural lamb casing. Not something to eat on a regular basis, they are fairly fatty, but great for a morning when you just can’t look at another egg. I found them on the bottom self of the frozen sausage section at Stop and Shop

  26. rosciutto wrapped shrimp.

    I love Prosciutto because it’s kinda like a cross between bacon and ham, and no sugar.

    1pkg Prosciutto.
    1 pound med shrimp
    olive oil
    horseradish, paleo mayo (optional)

    heat oven to 400
    pull the prosciutto into strips, wrap it around the shelled and deveined shrimp. Line up on a sheet pan and bake for 8 min.
    While it’s baking grab some horseradish and mayo and make a little dipping sauce. I like straight horseradish, but if you aren’t into spicy you can cut it with mayonnaise. Eat these while they’re piping hot!

  27. I am really glad to see that picture of Ryan up there today. Ryan is consistently at the morning class and always gives 100% on every workout and keeps a great positive attitude. He also offers great encouragement to others, and asks great questions when he needs a little more info about the diet or a particular movement. Keep up the good work Ryan!

  28. Ryan showed this morning at 6:30 alone. Then came back again. Talk about determined! He is already another c3 success story. Watch out guys… He’s really strong!

  29. I second and third Greg B’s and Sarah’s shout-outs to Big Ry-Dog. I thought he came in this afternoon for a two-a day. (I didn’t even know this morning was cancelled, which is what happens working night shift). Nice work, Brother.

    I also want to pass on a very funny snippet of conversation that took place at about the 15minute mark of today’s WOD.

    Jane – “Keep it up, Greg”
    Greg – “Yup, in a second, I feel like I’m gonna puke”
    Jane – “Go for it. You’ll weigh less.”

    Who says us Crossfitters don’t have a whacked sense of humor.