September PR’s And Accomplishments!!!


September PR’s And Accomplishments!!!

Zack– 1st Pull Up!

Eric M.- 8 Minute Mile!

Jim R.- Superior On Law Enforcement PT Test Including 10:54 1.5mi Run!

Jen B.- 95×3 Front Squat, 1st Toes To Bar, Death By 10m=17, 95lb Clean and Jerk!

Liz-1:59 500m Row, 1st Toes To Bar, 80lb Press, 95lb Thruster, 170lb back Squat, 105lb Clean and Jerk
(a 25lb PR!!!)

Jessie E.- 5k Row 23:38!

Ryan– 495lb Deadlift!

Amy K.- 115lb Clean and Jerk!

Kristin- P. Rx’d Cindy and Jackie!

Erin-Grace Rx’d Sub 5:00! Back Squat 180lbs, Deadlift 253lbs!

Shanna– 71 Consecutive Double Unders, 210lb Back Squat, 225lb Deadlift!

Mike L.- 365lb Squat!

Annmarie– 170lb Deadlift!

Amanda-155lb Front Squat, 9:52 Jackie With Guys Weight!

Jon– 2:55 Grace, Down From Old Time Of 7:00!

Traci– 23:19 Chipper, 9:42 Jackie!

Sarah– 20:14 Chipper, 110lb Clean and Jerk!

Mark-14:59 Chipper-3:00pr!

If you’d like to share your Pr’s (Personal Records) with us and have them mentioned next month write them up on the whiteboard on the far left when they happen!

CrossFit Cape Cod Workout Of The Day


Work Up To A 3 Rep Max In 8 Minutes

2.Followed By
Run 1600 meters
Rest 3 minutes
Run 1200 meters
Rest 2 minutes
Run 800 meters
Rest 1 minute
Run 400 meters

Row 2000 meters
Rest 3 Minutes
Row 1500
Rest 2 Minutes
Row 1000 meters
Rest 1 Minute
Row 500 Meters

If Everyone Wants To Row And There Aren’t Enough Rowers Pair Up And Rest While The Other Person Rows, Despite The Fact That This Will Mean Longer Rests.


Sunday October 30th We will do the Amazing Grace event, at the Awards party for the Nutrition Challenge and The Rowing Challenge-Let’s finish out the nutrition challenge strong! Regroup if you are off track and get as many points between now and then as you can! Revisit this post if you need or let’s talk if you want a pep talk-it looks like it is still any ones game at about the half way point!If you had a bad week it really doesn’t matter-also if you were at the bottom of the board gremlins wiped your name off so please rewrite your info…Saturday write down your points for week 3!  

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  1. It was really exciting to see all the awesome accomplishments! I hope everyone writes them down, big or small! I will leave them up for a little while.