Saturday-Special Event Announcement!


Saturday-Special Event Announcement!

Join us for a Benefit to support 7 year old Alexis “Lexi” Briggs & her family for their fight against cancer!! At this huge benefit there will be 7 bands, “Shipwrecked Fun House” downstairs with DJ for kids, facepainting, pirates, obstacle course, bouncy house, horseshoe pit, MANY silent auctions, plenty of food & more to be announced! Come join us & have a blast! See you there!

CrossFit Cape Cod Workout Of The Day

Olympic Lifting Total

1 Rep Max Snatch 1 rep Max Clean and Jerk. Score Total Load.

Pre-WOD Mobility

12 Responses

  1. Annmarie

    MLP I thought only Sundays were burpee free?
    Great WOD this morning. PR’ed on my clean and jerk by 15# – went from 75# to 90# YAY!!!!

  2. Oh no I’m not falling for the skip Monday Bullshit!
    trying to trick the competition will result in penalty Burpees. Number of Burpees to be determined by a jury of Crossfiters.

  3. Andy M.

    PR’d both lifts today!
    135# Snatch (10# PR)
    185# Clean and Jerk (20# PR)

    Great motivation given from Mark and Mike. Was having so much trouble with the clean and jerk and Mike had me take my shoes off. Did the lift with no problem for the PR. Felt great!!