Saturday Fran!


Saturday Fran!

Awesome work today everyone is getting sooo strong sooo quick! Be sure to thank Drew and Jane-they stayed late after class and cleaned up and put the plywood down under the pull-up structure. Drew also made some perfect cuts around the uprights for the rubber mats to lay down! It really looks great! It was so nice of them.

Fran is one of the most infamous CrossFit workouts out there. It is a simple couplet and usually over relatively quickly but she is feared loved and hated all at the same time by the CrossFit community. The Fastest ever recorded Fran is 1:53!

Here is a classic Fran off with, Greg A., and, Annie, two Crossfit legends.

Also, don’t forget to attack your weaknesses! If you’ve noticed, Mike, grabs a jump rope every time he walks through the door. It’s paid off-he’s starting to get double-unders. Keep it up Mike-that’s how it’s done. What’s your jump-rope? If you need to improve your stamina row, run, jump rope-every time you walk in. How about pull-ups? If you need to get stronger don’t be afraid to attempt something heavy-whatever it is-you get the idea. Mix it up and experiment. It will pay off.