Saturday 8/2/14


Saturday 8/2/14

7 Rounds For Time
10 Burpees
15 Jumping Lunges
20 Double Unders
5 x 5yd Shuttle Sprint
Rest 90sec.

On The Minute For 10 Minutes
ODD: 3-6 Strict HSPU 
Even: 6-10 Pistols or Box Step Ups

3 Responses

  1. A.17:15 everything felt good but doubles were the toughest.
    B. 5 kipping HSPU…. I just saw strict now. ooops! (I blame Mason). and 10-pistols 5 each side.throughout. fell off a couple of time due to last nights festivitys. really focusing on knee out and gripping the floor.
    cant wait for a rest day tomorrow!! slow this week but have been feeling better everyday.

  2. A. 15:43
    B. 10 HSPU; 10 pistols per minute

    Completed this at work. My times have dramatically improved with finally being able to get consistent DUs. Like they say, “This was in my wheelhouse.”

  3. 18:42 rx the hardest part was the jumping lunges after those wall balls yesterday.
    B. did 3 negatives on plates. I struggled with these today. I’m still working negatives to increase strength.
    Then did only 3 pistols per leg. I basically can’t feel my quads!