CrossFit Cape Cod Workout Of The Day


30 Clean & Jerks 135/95
Run 1 Mile
10 Rope Climbs
Run 1 Mile
100 Burpees

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  1. Anonymous

    44:30, 65# , 2 rope climbs, sub 2000m row for run and 100 burpee’s! Thanks for all the encouragement it made those last 10 burpees doable.


  2. Anonymous

    Today was so much fun! 60# clean and jerks. Did 3 partial rope climbs then the rest k2e. I love wods like this one! did it in 53:?? – Sabra

  3. Kinda liked this one! Thought I would not like running in the snow this AM, but it was nice. Tough keeping up with the guys. Thanks for letting me chase you boys this morning!

    38:26 RX

  4. Hey everyone. Cynthia needs a running coach for a race tomorrow. We had one set up but they fell through. It starts at noon. If any of you ladies are interested please call me! Thanks! 508-332-0058

  5. Anonymous

    Adam said…
    Great workout for a cold wet day!
    Rx’ed WOD. 34 minutes. Clean and jerks were toughest part for me; over 5 minutes for that part.
    100 burpees took care of my challenge burpees, which is always a bonus.
    – AB