Recovery- We Can’t Get Fit Without It


Recovery- We Can’t Get Fit Without It

Let me say that everyones enthusiasm for CrossFit has been amazing! You guys are really digging deep and making giant leaps and bounds in your fitness. CrossFit works-better than any programming out there. In order to continue to make the amazing progress and keep your intensity high-proper rest and nutrition will be essential. If you are so sore that you cant function properly- nevermind hit the WOD with everything you’ve got-go ahead take a rest day. Especially if you are still getting used to the programming. This will enable you to come back stronger and get a better more productive and enjoyable workout the next time.

CrossFit Total
Squat- 1 Rep Max
Press- 1 Rep Max
Deadlift- 1 Rep Max

Add the total pounds of all 3 lifts for your score.

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