Quality Fitness, By Total Legitness


Quality Fitness, By Total Legitness

Nice work today I saw a lot of intensity,great technique, and full range of motion! Take pride in building quality fitness,through total legitness. Is there any other way? Would you feel good about it if you got your name on the wall of fame if you knew you were clipping some of the reps? Not around here.
Speaking of integrity in ROM, and quality human movement, it was awesome to have Tim and Nicole back! Welcome back you guys.

As I have mentioned around the box the timing on some strength focus seems ripe. I had mentioned January as the time frame, but once I get something in my mind… So tomorrows WOD is a representation of how we are going to go about it.

Please note that Tim has agreed to give us the discussion from ‘Good Calories, Bad Calories’ Wednesday. We will post the time tomorrow-likely between groups at 4 and 5 so that everyone can get it if the 5ers show up early. We will also be prescribing Zone blocks for everyone and showing what a day in the zone would actually be like. I will outline the contest and tell you how to view and use the nutrition blog that is already set up.
The zone goes hand in hand with being an athlete-which is what CrossFitters are. My hope is that the “point of no return” effect happens when you try the Zone. That is the effect you get in the fitness world once you try CrossFit. If I were to ask most of you 4 months ago what it would take to get in shape I am sure that I would have gotten a different theory from each of you. Now, though you have passed the point of no return. The resounding answer from all of you would simply be “CrossFit.” Having discovered that for myself I am incredibly happy and grateful. Even if you no longer worked out at C3 your workouts would never be the same-and you are all much better for it. I guess the long and short of it is that I would like to introduce the basics of the Zone so that you can become just as enlightened about what we fuel our amazing bodies with. Your nutritional programming will be completely different and we will all be better for it. If I ask each of you what is the best approach to good nutrition-I would likely get a lot of varying theories. If you learn the zone-try it and see and feel the difference-like Tim, and myself, and countless other convinced athletes, your answer will be “The Zone” and we will all be much better for it.



Mark Rippetoe on setting up the Deadlift-the man is a genius

Followed By…
5 Burpees
10 Double-Unders
15 Sit-Ups

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  1. Nicky, you are doing so awesome at Crossfit. I can’t wait to see your progress now that you have started the Zone. By the way, how much have you lost?

  2. Hi Nicky,
    I’m glad that you started the Zone already and are loving it! I’m experiencing anxious excitement about beginning. Can’t wait to hear about the details tomorrow!!!

    See you soon,

  3. Hey all- I will let you know how much on Thursday!!! I am trying not to weigh myself everyday because I get too obsessed, and before long I will be weighing my myself morning, noon and night!!! Yes Sarah I think brownies are a complete protein have it with some milk and it is a meal LOL….