Props and New Callenges!


Props and New Callenges!

It was a great week and everyone is doing awesome! Here are a few props to our newest members, Jeff and Al, a special nod to Jessie, Jon and Bryce for showing up in the dark at 6am. Congratulations to Jon for getting through the Filthy 50 as prescribed and making it onto the wall of fame. Lets get that board filled up over the next 6 months. Some other noteworthy things of mention- Rita has been very consistent and has lost 10 pounds in just a few weeks! Keep it up Rita! Lets look forward to another fun week. Additional challenges this week- Who can get a 30 second L-sit? Who has the fasted 500m row? Let’s give it our best this week!

Jeff your recovery from the baseline workout was one for the books! Way to grind out the Filthy 50 yesterday-huge improovements in just 4 workouts!

Mckenzie has been outstanding! Check out that kip and the concentration as she presses those dumbells. Don’t you wish you had crossfit when you were her age.

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