No 6:30am-Business As Usual The Rest Of The Day

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No 6:30am-Business As Usual The Rest Of The Day


For Time

40 Chest To Bar Pull Ups
40 Ring Push Ups
40 Toes To Bar
40 Wall Ball Shots

do all 40 of one before going to all 40 of the next

I thought “Hey it’s the first day of 2010-how about 10 rounds of 10 reps of 10 different exercises?” Aren’t you glad I am more concerned with being effective than being clever! But don’t worry-Monday we are retesting Angie and todays WOD will be a great tune up!

Welcome to the future!

I have to admit that I vaguely recollect a class assignment from elementary school it was probably 1987 (well after Orwell’s 1984) where all of the students were asked to write what they imagined the year 2010 would be like. Most kids had robot butlers and flying skateboards like the hover boards from back to the future 2. It’s easy to see how we would all think that 20 some odd years in the future the world would be some futuristic world of wonder, but honestly I have asked out loud more than once “Where the heck is my Jetsons Suitcase car?” This is really 2010? In 2034 when my kids are ushering in the new year at my age will things still be so low tech compared to what we imagine? In the movie -(you can see this post isn’t going anywhere in particular I am just home tonight watching the 3 Stooges Marathon- come to think of it I have been watching this marathon since I was like a minute old! What gives-see there is nothing new under the sun. Don’t get me wrong I am not a cynic-I love old fashioned stuff and to tell you the truth I love that my kids are laughing just as hard as I did with the same wonder that I had as a kid when they watch the stooges….whew!) Anyway in the movie Minority Report…well i forgot what I was going to say and at this point most of you are probably asking-how much has he had to drink? Nothing, seriously. I am just a guy in the future who as a kid thought that I would be driving my own Transformer or have a floating sky house- instead I’m looking around and saying “Really, this is it? I mean I don’t even own a helicopter-I’m not even really, really, really, rich! What gives?” Oh well I guess I am secretly going to relish the look on the girls faces when Curly Q. Link (did you know his full name?) finishes off the marathon with his clam chowder that fights back.

6 Responses

  1. Happy New Year!

    Enjoy the 3 Stooges!

    …Imagine what it would be like if Mo, Curly and Larry….were all testing out that futuristic skateboard…..or doing cross-fit.

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