Monday 9/15/14


Monday 9/15/14

3 Rounds For Time
5 Jerks 165/105
20 Pull Ups
5 Front Squats 165/105
20 Hand Release Push Ups
5 Power Cleans 165/105

Speed Bench Press With Chains
Slowly and Smoothly Lower The Weight
1 Mississippi count pause at the bottom, Explode to the top.
10 sets of 2 reps. Stay fast, and keep rest under 1 minute.

100 Band Pull Aparts
100 Tricep Press Downs
Break it up however you want.

4 Responses

  1. Well that was hard!!
    26:29 rx but those dam pushups take me soooooo long. It took me 4-4:30 minutes each round where they should take 2 at most. They are the Bain of my existence right now.
    B. bench worked up to 55#s with the chains on. Thanks allan for the spot.