Monday 8/11/14


Monday 8/11/14

3 Rounds For Time
Run 400m
21 Wall Ball 30/16 10′
12 Pull Ups


Snatch Complex 1
5 Sets
1 Set is a Rep From:
 High Hang,
Mid Thigh,
& Floor.

Work To A Heavy Set.

Max Muscle Ups In 5:00

5 Responses

  1. A. 14:06 with 16#, 10′ this allergy congestion slowed me up on the run and wallballs. Hard time breathing.
    B. Worked to 65# still working on form of keeping it close and trying to drop.
    C. Did strict ring dips, only got 11. Struggled a bit, but I think I was just tired from not feeling 100%.
    You will get it Josh, no problem.
    And nice work Allan.

  2. 10:06 RX 30# wb. That was tough. !!! Mason u looked so solid on the pull ups!!
    B.95-145# then work with 95# from the hip for power and form.
    C. 12 …. Four less than last time not happy but form was off. Need to work on keeping elbows in!! Big time. Thanks for the video Mason should of done that a while ago. Great Time Josh!

  3. I’m missing you guys! Can’t wait to WOD with the crew when I get back!
    We did a WOD that had Deadlifts box jumps on a picnic table, power cleans and sit ups, snatches and double Unders. It was really brutal but really fun!