CrossFit Cape Cod Workout Of The Day

1.Squat Medley-Based Off Of Your 1 Rep Max
10 Reps at 30%
10 Reps at 40%
10 Reps at 50%
10 Reps at 60%
Max Reps At 60% The Gold Standard is over 30 reps

2. Tabata Side Planks- 8 Rounds Left, then 8 Rounds Right

Zone Meal Plans

The Cape Cod Invitational is Only 12 days Away! WODS will be announced shortly.

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  1. Kurt-an answer to your question about ripped hands

    also a video that I did a few years back…

    Recently my chiro-a former gymnast told me that hemmoroid cream(!) on your hands-then a cotton glove at night-keeps calluses soft and less likely to tear.

    Since I started using the razor I havent had nearly as many tears in the last few years.