Monday 1-12-15


Monday 1-12-15


Front Squat


5 Cycles Of 2 Minutes Of Work, 1 Minute Of Rest

10 Burpee Box Jumps

10 Wall Balls

Max Double Unders With The Remaining Time In The 2:00

Score= number of double unders

This WOD and the rest of the WODs this week are going to be programmed by Coach Jamin. Looking forward to some fun programming!

Friday The 16th is Game night. Bring Friends and Family at 6:30pm-7:30pm for games and refreshments!

We are postponing the nutrition challenge just a little bit. We are working out some of the details, more info soon!

19 Responses

  1. Sarah S

    Like 4 doubles and 14# ball to 9′. That was super hard after squatting! Kudos to the 5:30 group, I was pretty in a fog.

  2. Kevin Medeiros

    A: 245# x 4 / Felt good so I went for 265# on a 6 rd and got 2
    B: Finished RX maybe 5-6 DU per round.

    1. KevinMedeiros

      Apparently this WOD was a lot harder than it sounded because I can barely walk up the stairs at work today.

  3. Amanda

    #155 on front squats… Then 179 on du… Used 24 in box…
    Did some pull-ups dips for mu… And then some stiff legged deadlifts instead of pistols… Tired legs! And no hspu for me after sat wod