MOANC Week 3 Updates!


MOANC Week 3 Updates!

If You Are Still in the Challenge-This will go into effect Sunday-Ask questions in the comments here and I will answer as best as I can.

Start Monday! Happy Mobilizing!

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  1. Keep in mind folks, choc., cream and wine are not mandatory or vital like a vitamin. The idea of adding these in is purely for mental reasons. If you don’t feel like you need them then by all means-go without. (no you cannot stockpile-a day past, is a day past)

    Try this: Savor every molecule of your choice. Take 10 minutes to eat your choc., wine or cream in your coffee. Literally. Then get personal-“In the last 2 weeks of eating, was that the best thing I have eaten?” If not what was? “What do I like about ____” Get psychologist on it, and really take a logical look at the experience.
    “If I could never, eat this again-what would that mean to me?”
    “What do I get out of this?”
    Ask away- get really analytical.

  2. Anonymous

    Keith is getting analytical with his wine…he just asked his 6oz glass of wine how it feels bc it tends to bottle up it’s emotions! Then asked it about it’s childhood and keith said the wine responded by saying it felt like people were stomping on it. He’s lost it!!! oh and btw:he’s having that wine alone! I will not partake!!