Just When You Think You’ve Got It Figured Out


Just When You Think You’ve Got It Figured Out

Everyone blew through the running today! Jessie who did nothing but run for 2 years as her exercise program nailed all six rounds in a little over 23 minutes! The best part is that all she has been doing for the past 2 months is CrossFit! Same with Tim who has never enjoyed running and only does it in the WOD’s- He PR’d with 20min and change! The stronger you become in the 10 physical skills the more you are prepared for all general tasks. Running is no exception. Not many enjoy running, but when you get better it’s easier to have some fun-especially when you don’t have to log long hours of practice. I’m sure that running 3 miles without dying and in good time made you feel good- I know I was very pleased with the results. Those of you that missed it I am sure you will be eager to make it up tomorrow in the rain.
Well, the theme is progress and being ready for the next level since you’re all turning into fire breathing beasts. Tomorrow we are going to learn a new movement! The Squat Clean. It’s as fun and challenging as it sounds.



Squat Clean and Jerk
We will practice with the medicine ball and the go from there.

Watch as this Mustached Menace shows a decent example of the difference between what we’ve already done and that which is to come tomorrow…

Mike Burgener trains Olympic athletes in his Garage in California. This video shows some strong athletes doing the clean and jerk and snatch. They share similarities and are the 2 lifts that are judged in Olympic weightlifting. They are also referred to as the ‘quick lifts’- you can see why…

Also welcome to our newest member Eric. Eric is fired up and ready to go- he hopes to use CrossFit to accomplish his fitness goals and to quit smoking. We know you can do it Eric!