Jump Around!!!


Jump Around!!!

Remember when double unders seemed entirely impossible? Now pretty much everyone is stringing them together and looking better each time they use the rope. It is motivating when we improve. This type of unique skill set and measurement of progress are a couple of those unique things that make CrossFit so different and addicting.

Here is a chance to measure progress on the run or row. The forecast is 50.



4 Rounds
400 Meter Run
Rest approximately 2 Minutes between rounds

If you sub in the rower everything is the same except you will row 500m. Feel free to mix and Match.

Adam suits up Lilyanna in the gear he wears as a helicopter pilot for the Coast Guard-Thanks so much for the tour today, Adam

The 80’s party is on! We will be starting at 4 in the afternoon and going until we all realize that it is 2009. If you can wear your best theme outfit from a decade of your choosing-most of us are going 80’s. Feel free to bring your spouse. See you there..

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  1. Lilyanna, that sounds so fun!! It was fun working out with you this morning (or rather, you watching) I hope your shin is ok. See you this weekend! 🙂