Jen Heinlein


Jen Heinlein


Jen Heinlein.

Age 34.

Member Since January 2013.

C3: How has CrossFit changed your life?

Jen: Before starting CrossFit I woke up tired, survived my day on achy feet and had trouble sleeping at the end of it all. I tried to eat well but lacked consistency; I tried to exercise but lacked intensity. CrossFit changed everything! I could exercise to the best of my ability and I would continue to attend classes because I knew the coaches would be looking for me. CrossFit gave me a voice outside of my own head that told me I could do it and kept me going when things got tough, or pushed me a bit harder if I settled for less-than-best effort. I’ve gained the strength and endurance that helps me live my life bending, reaching, squatting, moving, chasing kids, and carrying groceries without fear of injury or exhausting myself (and will keep me moving on into my golden years). And now I eat great food all the time and sleep like a rock!

C3: How were you introduced to CrossFit? Do you remember you first workout? If so, what was it?

Jen: I had no idea what CrossFit was before I signed up for an intro class! I was fed up and knew I needed something new, saw the gym, and emailed. My first real workout was an AMRAP of snatches, increasing in weight. I had no idea what I was doing!

C3:Favorite obstacle to overcome since joining (in gym or outside):

Jen:In the gym; anything skill-based that I have to work on for a while. Double-unders! Outside; being brave to try new things.

C3: Favorite lift?

Jen: SNATCH! Could there be any other?!

C3: What is a new personal goal you wish to achieve?

Jen: Get competitive with Olympic weightlifting.

C3: What would you say to someone thinking about joining CF?

Jen: Do it! Get into the gym-anything you do there will be good for you, whether it’s just stretching out for the day or loading up a barbell and hitting the WOD full-force. Also, be SO patient with yourself! Your success will be cumulative, give yourself time to work on new skills and gain strength and then one day you’ll flip back in your notebook and see how far you’ve come!