January member of the month- Jen Petit


January member of the month- Jen Petit

How has Crossfit changed your life?

I joined Crossfit in September 2014 right before my fiftieth birthday. I had been running over 20 years and knew I needed something different but wasn’t sure what. I heard someone mention that the most dramatic physical change they had seen in people is when they do crossfit. I was determined to at least try it for at least a month. When I started I was intimated but really focused. Crossfit has its own language and I knew none of it! I don’t remember my first workout but I remember it took awhile before I could finish the whole workout without cutting reps. I was told not to run for a month and do at least 3 classes a week (I did 4-5) and then run a 5k. I knocked a minute and 15 seconds off my running time and I was hooked. Crossfit changed my life in so many ways. I never thought I would be able to do a rope climb or pull up. My biggest obstacle to overcome was doing a pullup without a band. I used multi colored bands for the longest time. Crossfit helped me with my confidence, overall health and fitness (I sleep a lot better). I love the healthy competitiveness and how we all support each other. I’ve met some wonderful people who have the same fitness goals. My son does crossfit with me now and it has helped him tremendously in his sports. It truly is a community.

Favorite lift:jen2

Clean and Jerk because I did 100 pounds once…….

Weight loss methods:

When I came to Crossfit I didn’t need to lose weight and I was a healthy eater (so I thought) I did the 30 day nutrition challenge and ate mostly Paleo and took vitamins. It made a world of difference. I felt and performed better. Now I eat mostly Paleo but have a few cheats. I have lost 10 pounds but went down 3-4 sizes.


New personal goal:

cldjenI have so many of them. I want to RX more workouts and to do that I need to work on my weightlifting form, I really want to lift more weight. In addition, string double unders consecutively and kip faster and there is a lot more.

What would I say to someone trying Crossfit:

You HAVE to try it. Give it 30 days, you won’t be disappointed and it will change your life. I can’t imagine my life without it.