Huge Progress


Huge Progress

Great work to all on “Cindy” today. Several of you tripled your number of rounds since October 3, 2008! And with less assistance on the pull-ups! Truly astounding. Good job also to Rita and Jeff just for showing up. We are glad you did.

This is an excerpt from a news item on CBS Kentucky’s website and was a link from

Thanksgiving is usually a day to spend time with family. But one Lexington woman, hasn’t seen her family in California in three years because she was ashamed of the way she looked. Leanne Banales says she was embarrassed because she was overweight.

Just months ago, Leanne decided to change her life. She joined a gym, CrossFit, here in Lexington. In three months, she lost 60 pounds. Because of that, Leanne is in California this Thanksgiving, seeing her family for the first time in years.

Leanne says she’s only at her midway point. She wants to lose 150 pounds.

Thursday WOD
Double Unders

Speal Does The “Annie” Workout

Here is the video

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  1. Wow! He’s fast, reminded me of when you hit fast forward on a DVD.

    Look’s like it’s all in the wrist for the double unders, he didn’t seem to have to jump high at all. I’ll have to try that:)

  2. Nice story about Leanne. Think she needs a little help with the math part of the program tho. lost 60, goal 150 and half way there? can i count my burpees that way?