Fundraiser WOD Saturday February 22


Fundraiser WOD Saturday February 22

Saturday February 22nd* We are going to do a fundraiser workout to support the efforts of Kevin Mikolazyk. Kevin is the president of the Herren Project, an organization that helps families affected by addiction. Read this article for more details.

Kevin is running the Boston Marathon in April along with other members of the Herren Project to raise funds and awareness. Let’s rally together on Saturday, February 22nd, and show our support! If you are able to please make a modest donation. If you can’t be there and would still like to donate, the fundraising page can be found here.

There are 3 Things you can do on the day of the fundraiser.
1. Show up ready to have fun and workout!
2. Bring a donation!
3. Wear something Purple! 
Purple is the official color of the students and families that have taken their stand to support sobriety and vow against addiction.

*If For Any Reason The Date Should Change We Will Immediately Announce It

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