Friday Please Note Abbreviated Schedule For Monday


Friday Please Note Abbreviated Schedule For Monday


CrossFit Cape Cod Workout Of The Day

15 Rep Max Over Head Squat
Followed By
200 Meter Sled Push For Speed x 2 90/45
Rest As Needed Between Rounds

Adult Gymnastics Today at 1:30!

From Asking Around It Seems That Most People Will Have The Day Off Of Work On Monday. Because Of That We Will Hold Classes At 8am,9am and 10am

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  1. Burpee Challenge-Is it just Nettie, Kurt, Michela and Myself who are doing this to ourselves?! Day 28

    Andy-Try This 3 times to get rid of your shin splints:
    1. Roll a lacrosse ball or a golf ball on the bottom of your feet for 2 minutes each foot where it hurts.
    2. Foam Roll The back of your calves for 1 minute each and then the front of your calves for one minute each-along the shin where it hurts. In both exercises go from ankle to knee.
    3. Lying on your back-flex your feet hard towards your body engaging the muscles of the shin. Hold for 5 Minutes Straight without a break. Use a timer.
    Shin splints should go away after 2 or 3 times doing this!

  2. Anonymous

    Your not alone with those shin splints!!! I can’t believe I got them after all this training. You know what they say, Misery loves company. I wish you a speedy recovery. Kurt M

    P.S 10 burpees for 10 minutes gets it done! It’s not that bad. Lets all finish this!

  3. Andy M.

    Thank you so much Mark. I’ll give that a shot starting tomorrow.

    Thanks for the good wishes Kurt. I appreciate it.

    I’ve never once in my life had shin splints until crossfit wanted to throw double unders at me!!! Still always having fun though!

  4. 85 lb -OHS- 15x clooose to body weight ( of my right leg:) I feel like I could have done 95 but my wrists were killing!!!!
    Only had time for 1 round of that torturous sled push! 1:48 I think. Ouch.
    I’ll expect a full recap on saturday of gymnastics skills from those who attended:)
    Happy Friday!

  5. Feel free to rest or do an alternative guys if you are in some legit pain. Do some cardio and mobility for example. There’s no quit but there is a smart course of action that allows you to not have to quit from injury for YEARS to come. I encourage anyone who is feeling hurt to:
    1: Fix your nutrition. This helps keep down inflammation and speeds up recovery time between workouts
    2. DO YOUR MOBILITY. Every day. No excuses.
    3. If it hurts and certain activity makes it hurt more; don’t do that certain activity, until you can do it pain free.
    We become fitter and better when we recover from our workouts- apply these simple things and continue to get fit!!!

  6. Andy M.

    A. 75# OHS x15
    B. 0:53, 1:06 Rx

    Did my exercises for my shin splints. Glad that nothing we did today aggravated them. Those sled pushes were trecherous!!!

  7. Anonymous

    Crossfit family, I need your help. I’m running my first road race tomorrow and I am trying really hard to stay paleo. So what do I eat in the morning or do I not eat??? Wish me luck!


  8. Eat what you always eat for breakfast or something you know won’t upset your stomach-don’t do anything new to your stomach on race day. Hydrate right off the bat, then have a normal small meal. You won’t get hungry until after the race-that’s when you can have carb and protein to help recovery. Try coconut water to rehydrate. Have a great time and enjoy the experience! Proud of you Nina!

  9. Hi, I was away. I made it to day 27 but the days of driving 19 hours made it difficult to keep up. I might try to keep up during this week before surgery since I was not as far behind since you guys were on a rest weekend.