Friday 7/18/14


Friday 7/18/14


Clean and Jerk

Both movements should be done with with a below paralell squat. 
1. Have fun. The olymic lifts are a blast if you go into it with the right mindset.
2. Work on solid and consistent positions.
3. Be FAST!
4. Don’t expect perfection but don’t accept not coming close.

Every 4:00 For 20:00 
4 Muscle Ups
50m sled Push 90/45

4 Responses

  1. Nice job Sprague!
    195 snatch 235 Clean and Jerk
    Did the muscle ups and sled work but I ended up taking a plate off the sled after about 5 feet.

  2. snatch worked up too #195 feeling good new p.r. from last week really happy had to bail because of time and come to find out Meghan is still blow drying hair (should of stayed).
    clean and jerk #235 also P.R.
    hopfully have time tomorrow for the second part that i was looking forward too!! All in all
    great time and i truly had fun with these! wish i had more time!

  3. A. 80# power snatch
    115# full squat clean and jerk, PR
    B. Did 4 ring dips and sled push 25#. These were a quad burner for sure. My quads were smoked on the second round. Haven’t done pushes since 151 space.