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CrossFit Cape Cod Workout Of The Day
10 Hand Stand Push Ups
15 Deadlifts 250/175
25 Box Jumps 30/24
50 Pull Ups
100 Wall Ball Shots 20/14
200 Double Unders
Run 400m With A Plate 45/25
Don’t be scared away by this one-PLENTY of scaling options-CHALLENGE YOURSELF TO GET BETTER!!!
Adult Gymnastics is cancelled for tomorrow but will be back in full effect next week!!!
The Masters Competition is next Saturday-Join us as we cheer on the participating athletes at CFNE in Natick Ma. We will be carpooling from C3 the morning of.

16 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    I’m having more trouble with my burpees now than when I first started doing burpees. I feel weaker and have less cardio! What the F!!!Kurt M

  2. 28:59. Rx except handstand pushups.

    Way to go everyone especially mike who smashed his shin on the box yet still finished the wod! I’m pretty sure stitches were needed!

  3. 30: something. only did 135 for deadlift, half wall hand stand pushups. That was quite a box jump shin injury you got today -Michael – dont be suprised if your ankle and foot swell and turn purple. Been there. Done that. I hope your camo sneakers arent all bloody!!

  4. brendan

    Rx in 40:47 …check that time mark, i may be slightly off…im pumped i hit it as prescribed…wall balls almost broke me…i had visions of myself passed out with a 45lb on top of me on the 400 m trail…Kurt, i have been having the same issue with the cardio, i wonder if its a change of season issue, or maybe our muscles are suffocating us….

  5. 36:something on the WOD
    215Lbs Dead lift
    feet on the shelf for pushups
    purple for pullups
    600 singles
    AND a box jump wound worthy of Four stitches. Erin the camos are good, it all washed out.

  6. Anonymous

    26:10 for the WOD
    2 ab mats for hspu’s and did 100 Du’s and 200 singles. I’m o.k with it though! Michael your one of the few who would finish the WOD with a injury like that! Warrior style all the way!!! Kurt M

  7. Anonymous

    I did it, all 100 wall balls actually 101for good luck, scaled down a bit on double unders but did the whole wod, yes!!!!!!!

  8. 29:07 half wall hspu/135 for deadlift/red band/14# wall balls/400 su’s/25# plate-whew that was a lot but feels good to not to have shoulder pain anymore!!! Feel better MPL! Good job anonymous.