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Crossfit is a lifestyle characterized by safe, effective exercise and sound nutrition. The program is designed for everyone-people who are just starting and those who have trained for years. The workouts are different every day and can be modified to help each athlete achieve their goals.

We combine a variety of movements from running, rowing, jumping, weightlifting and many bodyweight movements.Each class typically runs an hour with each class starting with a warm-up, then moving into strength training followed by a metcon, then finishing with a cool down/mobility. All workouts are measurable, giving you the ability to test and retest your fitness.



Olympic Lifting

The two lifts in Olympic Weightlifting are the Snatch and the Clean and Jerk. Both the snatch and the clean and jerk bring speed, power, coordination, and balance to your overall training while increasing explosive strength and power output. These lifts are an integral part of the CrossFit Program and dramatically improve athletic performance in every sport. Although we do a lot of Olympic lifting in CrossFit sessions, our Olympic Weightlifting program is for all levels of lifters looking to improve their technique and increase their familiarity with these movements.




Led by Coach Amy Certified yoga instructor, Physical Therapist and 8 Year CrossFitter. Learn how to self treat for muscle soreness and prevent injury. Learn how to gain greater range of motion and flexibility. She also offers Yoga classes throughout the year.



Kids Classes

Our Crossfit kids program is for ages 6-11. It focuses on good movement patterns, boosts confidence, focus, strength and coordination. Sessions typically consist of a fun game or skill station, a fun workout and finishing with a game. Kids classes will run at different times throughout the year.



Nutrition Coaching

Dial in your fitness by way of wholesome, fuel-focused nutrition. We’ve created a fine-tuned nutrition program, powered by Working Against Gravity, to ensure that every minute you spend in the gym pays off — mentally and physically. Our nutrition coach will work with you to help you turn your sweat sessions into the results you’re after.


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