Educate Yourself and Progress Faster


Educate Yourself and Progress Faster

Why You Need To Train Even If You Are Injured-This is a preview from the CrossFit Journal. If you are serious about CrossFit and want a fantastic and cheap resource-subscribe right now-it will be the best 25$ you ever spent.

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The latest Journal article is about how to scale WOD’s here’s a teaser!
It’s also critical to scale weight on workouts. You need to evaluate the point of the WOD. In CrossFit, one-rep max days exist for a reason: to build strength while struggling with a heavy load. If the WOD calls for 30 clean and jerks at 155 pounds, it’s clearly a met-con WOD. If you turn the workout into 30 single reps with a minute rest between them, you’ve missed the point. Lowering the rep count, altering the movements themselves, and tinkering with round and rep prescriptions are other options.

Other Blogs are a fantastic resource as well-The guys at San Francisco CrossFit recently had a 2 part post about incorporating ‘finishers’ after you have completed a WOD here are some of their ideas and some highlights…

Once you’ve established your weaknesses, the finisher can be an excellent time to continue to work on these areas of difficulty. The ideas you formulate do not have to be exact here. The doing is what’s important.

#1)A few sets alternating of weighted back extensions and L-sits.

#2)A few sets alternating of Handstand holding and deadhang pullups.

#3)One set of one of the following: Max Pushups/Dips/Pistols/HSPU/Muscle-Up etc.

#4)On heavy days, a back-off set after your work sets with about 60-75% of your effort with flawless technique.

#5)One all-out 400m run, or two-all out 100m runs (one there, one back).

#6)Best box/broad jump.

Say, you have a weak upper body? Time to break out the deadhang/weighted pullups or some sort of press. A few bouts of feet-free rope climbs are great too.

Not enough wind in the sails? Rally for one or two short sprints after your workout or one mid-distance sprint (think 500m Row or 400m Run).

Worried you’re not as explosive as you’d like to be? A few sprint-starts or max vert/broad jumps oughtta help out.

Pick one or two of the things you need attention on and add an appropriate finisher for a few weeks.

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