I found this on the CF Spokane web site.


CrossFit Spokane is not your typical gym. You wont find cardio machines shinny weights or ferns. All of our members are here for one thing; to train hard and get into the best shape they can. If you want to walk for 20minutes while watching a cool flat screen TV then go blast your Bi’s and Tri’s, you may not like it here. If you want broad all around improved fitness and performance then we welcome you.

Tuesday WOD

Five rounds for time of:
5 Burpees (No Complaining/Whining)
50 pound dumbbell, walking lunge, 10 alternating steps
50 pound dumbbell, swing, 15 reps

You can also sub the Kettle BELLS (not balls) The Ladies will use a 35lb dumbell or the 1 pood KB
10 steps total. 1 dumbbell for lunging. Same single dumbbell for swinging. Carry for lunging as comfortable/able.

I’m sure this one will be short but sweet and will leave us enough time to work on our goals. There are 24 days left to reach the December Goals.

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  1. Thanks for the great workout today Mark!
    I found this one on Spokanes site and was wondering if you could have us do it.
    I’ma Ddictedto Pain


    100 Air Squats

    90 Sit-ups

    80 Jumping Pull-ups

    70 Push-Press (45lbs)

    60 Over Head Squats

    50 Reverse Lunges

    40 Wall Ball Shots

    30 Back Extensions

    20 Box Jumps

    10 Plate Pushes (10yds)