CrossFit Cape Cod Wednesday May 20th


CrossFit Cape Cod Wednesday May 20th


CrossFit Cape Cod WOD

4 Rounds

Row 250m

100m Sled Pull 3 plates/2plates

Run 200m

Go Every 6 Minutes

Advanced Training


Push Press


rest :30 seconds


rest :30 seconds



Work To A 1 Rep Max Pause Front Squat (3 second pause)

12 Responses

  1. Erin Meagher

    You’re welcome to the rest of the classes for increasing the time limit:)) SO SO hard but great! No idea of times but did it!

  2. Sarah S

    Oh man my legs will thank me someday…Thanks Meghan for inspiring me to leave my ONE plate on the sled!
    75, 65, 55 pp
    110# on back squat

  3. Dorene Goldstein

    All I can say is “UGH”. My very first time with sled pulls. Didn’t think I could do them at all. Did one round with one plate and then took it off. So happy to be done. Great workout! Great crew at 9:30.

  4. Sarah Lee

    Sled pulls at 5:30 am, before coffee. I was questioning my sanity on the third round. I have no idea what my times were. I just know I was last and it was a BIG class.

  5. meghan

    This was toatlly mental for me. Did the first two rounds with 2 plates. Told myself I couldn’t do it with 2 plates the third round,so I took one plate off. Then, I got mad at myself for taking it off so I put it back on for the fourth round!! No idea my times just happy to finish 🙂

  6. Kristin P

    Phew, tough one! Special thanks to Terri for letting me chase you…otherwise I may still be in the parking lot! Great job 9:30 class!

  7. Andy Mathieson

    3:40, 3:38, 3:59, 3:36 Rx
    Worked my way down from 130# to 95# doing a pyramid of 1,2,3, etc.
    Front squat pause 1rm of 230#

  8. Mark

    I felt pretty unpopular today! Yes I did this today and it hurt but I loved it!
    AT worked up to 215 then deloaded to 195,175
    FS 245 Pause

  9. Heidi Lacava

    Not sure if I scored this right…4:48, 5:46, 6:00, 6:09 end time was 26:39 RX
    Thanks to Mark and Liz for pointing out that the clock stopped at 32:00 and I thought I ended 36:39
    I think I was a little delusional after that, nice to have Sarah coaching and encouraging on the sled pulls!
    PP 90/80/70….FS 135 with 3 sec pause